Introducing Technology into Partner Services: A Toolkit for Programs

The CDC’s Toolkit for technology-based STD and HIV Partner Services (IPS) was written to support health departments, community-based organizations (CBOs) and others authorized to provide HIV/STD partner services (PS). It is designed for use with the Internet and other digital technologies, such as mobile phones, computers, and social networking sites, to trace and contact persons potentially exposed to HIV and other STDs.

If you are an owner, we hope this toolkit will demonstrate the high level of partner services health specialists’ professionalism, dedication to supporting gay and bisexual men’s health, sensitivity when working with site and app users, and commitment to assuring confidentiality at all times.

As a site owner, if you would like to discuss how trained health professionals can support your membership to reduce sexually transmitted infections, or other questions, please reach out to the Using Technology as Prevention (UTASP) Workgroup Technical Assistance Manager, Frank Strona at

For a compilation of articles on partner notification and outreach, go to Literature Review: Partner Notification and Outreach.

Training for Disease Intervention Specialists Working on Apps is an online training course to familiarize Disease Intervention Specialists and other partner services staff in how mobile apps work, and how they can be used for partner services. It has interactive practice modules, an overview of common app functions, and provides a way to practice without logging in to app services themselves. - Anonymous Text and Email Partner Notification Platform is a brand-new platform for individuals recently diagnosed with an STD who want to notify their partners anonymously by text or email.  Users may choose a pre-populated message or write one of their own, and notify up to six partners at a time.