Make Your Site Healthier & Kinder

Are you the owner or manager of an online dating, hookup or sex app for gay men? If so, this part of the site is for you. We’ll give you some easy-to-follow ideas for how to integrate features into your site that make it a kinder, healthier, and more supportive environment for your users.

Maybe you’re interested in making it easier for your users to be able to access information about PrEP and STDs. Or you want to know how to help users self-identify as HIV-positive and undetectable. Or maybe you’d like to build in some features that help your users notify their partners if they test positive for an STD. 

Health Update Reminders

Dating sites and apps can play an important role in encouraging men to take care of their health.

For example, Hornet has been promoting sexual health on its app by offering tailored reminders to their HIV-negative and HIV-positive users. Once an HIV-negative user enters the date of their most recent HIV test, Hornet will send a reminder every six months. And once an HIV-positive user enters the date of their last health check-up, Hornet will send a reminder to see their HIV healthcare provider.

Many of us change our sexual health practices over time. We may be using condoms during some periods, or PrEP during others; sometimes we know our viral load to be undetectable and sometimes we may not. For that reason, it’s good to encourage users to update their sexual health fields periodically to make sure they accurately reflect their own HIV status, test dates, and sexual practices. That will help users communicate more effectively with each other, and help them make informed choices.

Creating An Online Dating Profile

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Resources for Trans* Inclusivity

Cis gay men are not the only men who go online to seek partners. Trans* folk, including trans men and women of varying sexualities, also use gay dating apps and sites to find partners. Similar to the trans* experience in the real world, many trans* people face stigma within online communities from mostly users who have had limited interactions with trans* people in the past, which not only leads to challenges in finding a partner, but can also make trans-identifying users feel unsafe. Making your site friendlier means making your site more inclusive to those who identify as trans* and making your site healthier means including educational resources about healthy sex that is specifically tailored towards the trans* experience.

Below are resources that you can share with your users. The linked videos will help cis folk better understand what is like to be and date someone who is trans* and the resource guides provide valuable sex ed information for trans* people and their partners.


Resource Guides

  • Safer Sex for Trans Bodies, Whitman-Walker Health & HRC Foundation
    A safer sex guide for transgender and gender expansive people, and for their partners and lovers. Topics covered in the guide include: sex during and after transition, ways to talk to partner(s) (romantic, casual and transactional) about sex, suggestions for exploring your own sexuality, and STIs and condoms. For a copy in Spanish click here.
  • “Primed: A Sex Guide for Trans Men Into Men”, Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance
    A sexual health resource written by and for gay, bi and queer trans men and their partners. Topics covered in the guide include: disclosure, finding sex and cruising, safer sex and harm reduction, HIV and other STIs, and more.

Video Resources