Health Department & CBO Campaigns

Several health departments and community-based organizations have developed ad campaigns promoting gay men’s sexual health. Here are a few that have been taken to significant scale. Additionally, all of them are willing to share their campaigns with others.

“The Perfect Fit” (Condom Awareness)

Rhode Island Department of Health

“Swallow This” (PrEP Awareness)


Harlem United
Better World Advertising


“PrEP4Love” (PrEP Awareness)

AIDS Foundation of Chicago


To listen to a talk given by James Pickett of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago at CROI 2016 about the development of this campaign, click here and search “PrEP”. His talk is titled “PrEP-4-Love: Transmitting Desire Across Chicago.”

For more information, or to utilize these ads and localize them for your own jurisdictions, please contact James Pickett at

“Play Sure”/ “Stay Sure”

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

If your organization (health department, clinic, or community-based organization) is interested in adapting either the PlaySure or StaySure campaign, please contact NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene directly to request the images. To request permission, contact Giselle Jabalera ( For more information visit their website and search for “Play Sure”.

“Our Sexual Revolution” (PrEP Awareness)


San Francisco Department of Public Health
Better World Advertising


For more information, or to utilize these ads and localize them for your own jurisdictions, please contact John Melichar at the San Francisco Department of Public Health at

CDC Campaigns

“Doing It!”

Doing It is a new national HIV testing and prevention campaign designed to motivate all adults to get tested for HIV and know their status.

Materials and other information

“HIV Treatment Works”

Encouraging people with HIV to get care, stay in care, and live well.

Other campaign materials

“We Can Stop HIV One Conversation at a Time”

These materials will help to spread the word in your community and help raise awareness about the impact of HIV, the importance of HIV prevention and testing, the effects of stigma, and how we can work together to increase support for people living with HIV.


“Let’s Stop HIV Together”

A campaign to encourage Latino MSM to talk about HIV and get tested. These resources can help support local awareness campaigns in your community and encourage families and friends to talk openly about HIV, dispel myths, reduce stigma, and break cultural barriers.



This bilingual campaign encourages HIV testing among Latino gay and bisexual men through materials that feature men sharing their reasons for getting tested for HIV.

Website banners

“Testing Makes Us Stronger”

This campaign encourages African American gay and bisexual men to empower themselves by getting tested for HIV and knowing their HIV status.

Website banners and posters

“Start Talking”

Encouraging gay and bisexual men to have conversations about safer sex.


Other Campaigns

“HIV Equal”/ “Everyone Has an HIV Status”

HIV Equal is an international social media campaign & online magazine that promotes HIV testing and aims to end the stigma associated with the virus. It reopens the national dialogue and works to change the way people think about HIV.

Photo campaigns

Rise Up to HIV

Campaign via Facebook
Rise Up to HIV aims to tackle the stigma of HIV through the power of storytelling, photos, and videos. They also have their pulse on breaking HIV related news.

Videos: What is Your Positive Message?

“Breaking the Stigma”

From the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
The aim of the campaign is to spread the word of how stigma can hinder the fight against HIV/AIDS by preventing people from coming forward to be tested, using prevention tools or getting treatment and staying in care.

Video series about stigma

The Stigma Project

A grassroots organization that aims to lower the HIV infection rate and neutralize stigma through education via social media and advertising.

Shareable social media content